Zaid Ibrahim Jahat

>> Saturday, October 09, 2010

Jahat sungguh Zaid Ibrahim. Zaid musang berbulu ayam. Zaid harus tarik diri dari bertanding Timbalan Presiden. Zaid cabar Ketua Umum. Zaid memperkecilkan peranan Kak Wan selaku Presiden. Tidak patut Zaid tanding jawatan Presiden. Zaid gagal mempertahankan maruah Anwar apabila telah seru polis siasat lapuran polis dari Rahimi. Wow, dahsyat sungguh Zaid. Zaid patut dipecat daripada Parti KeADILan Rakyat (PKR).

Inilah antara ungkapan dan kelohan ahli-ahli PKR yang kerap kita lihat dan terbaca dalam facebook. Betul kah Zaid jahat?

Mungkin ya dan mungkin tidak. Secara terus terang saya isytiharkan bahawa, sebelum daripada ini, saya bukan peminat atau penyokong Zaid. Kenal Zaid secara peribadi pun tidak. Saya juga isytiharkan bahawa saya bukan peminat atau penyokong Azmin. Kenal Azmin secara peribadi pun tidak. Tetapi saya terpanggil untuk buat entry ini kerana sudah meluat dengan tingkah laku penyokong-penyokong tegar beberapa pemimpin yang asyik melanyak Zaid dari semua sudut dan dalam masa yang sama heboh kononnya mereka mempraktikkan demokrasi.

Demokrasi apa? Berdemokrasi kah mereka apabila mereka menentang Zaid sebaik pengumuman dibuat oleh Zaid bahawa Zaid mungkin akan bertanding jawatan Presiden? Adil kah mereka apabila mengutuk Zaid yang mempersoalkan kedudukan Anwar sebagai Ketua Umum sedangkan jawatan Ketua Umum tidak wujud dalam perlembagaan PKR dan oleh itu tidak ditandingkan? Berdemokrasi kah mereka apabila mengutuk Zaid kononnya tidak mempertahankan maruah Anwar dalam episod lapuran polis Rahimi?

Dari sudut pandangan saya mereka-mereka ini tidak mengamalkan demokrasi akan tetapi lebih pada taksub dengan segelintir pemimpin. Sebenarnya demokrasi dilacurkan oleh mereka-mereka ini. Zaid bercakap benar apabila mengeluarkan kenyataan bahawa jawatan Ketua Umum tidak ada dalam perlembagaan maka dengan itu Anwar tidak boleh dicabar dalam pertandingan. Satu usaha daripada Anwar untuk kekal berkuasa. Mengapa perlu dikutuk apabila Zaid bercakap benar? Apa, Anwar and PKR is beyond criticism?

Mengapa perlu dikutuk apabila Zaid kata dia mungkin bertanding jawatan Presiden? Bukankah jawatan Presiden itu satu jawatan yang ditawarkan dalam pemilihan PKR? Mengapa PKR perlu ikut jejak UMNO apabila, secara konvensyen, ahli-ahli UMNO tidak dibenarkan tanding jawatan Presiden? Apa bezanya PKR dengan UMNO apabila mengutuk hasrat Zaid yang ingin bertanding jawatan Presiden?

Adakah ahli-ahli PKR diminta untuk gadaikan maruah sendiri semata-mata mempertahankan maruah Anwar? Soal maruah ini menjadi isu apabila Zaid telah seru pihak polis untuk siasat lapuran Rahimi. Kalau saya ditempat Zaid, saya juga akan lakukan perkara yang sama sebab ada puak yang telah dengan jelas mengatakan kawan karib Zaid merupakan tangan ghaib dibelakang repot Rahimi. Salah kah Zaid apabila mengorak langkah untuk bersihkan nama baik kawan dia dan juga nama Zaid sendiri? Terdapat kah arahan dalam PKR yang menuntut ahli PKR memastikan maruah Anwar dipelihara walaupun dalam usaha kearah itu, nama sendiri terpalit? Mengapa taksub sangat?

Zaid pada satu masa dahulu disanjung dan dianggap anak emas PKR. Zaid diberi laluan untuk tanding PRK Hulu Selangor. Kini apabila Zaid bercakap benar dan menyahut seruan demokrasi, Zaid dianggap sebagai penghianat parti. Saya pelik dan masih tertanya-tanya – apa sudah jadi? Saya akui bahawa kebenaran itu pahit untuk ditelan namum dalam apa keadaan sekalipun ianya perlu ditelan.


Galas - UMNO atau Kuli?

>> Friday, October 08, 2010

Ha ha ha … UMNO sudah mengelabar. UMNO dah tahu UMNO tak boleh menang diGalas. Maka UMNO kata UMNO tak nak lawan PAS diGalas. Ini cerita betul, bukan rekaan semata-mata.

DiBagan Pinang tempuh hari UMNO bangunkan orang tua yang lena tidur untuk lawan PAS. DiBagan Pinang Isa kalahkan PAS bukan UMNO kalahkan PAS. Kalau UMNO yang tanding diBagan Pinang, belum tentu UMNO menang. DiGalas UMNO bercadang mengunakan Kuli untuk lawan PAS. UMNO tak berani lawan PAS diGalas. Kalau menang Kuli, yang menangnya tetap Kuli bukan UMNO.

Mengapa yer? Mengapa UMNO kecut telur? Apa tak kecutnya? Orang Asal dah awal-awal sound akan undi PAS. Orang Cina dah bagi warning akan undi PAS. Atleast 50% orang Melayu akan undi PAS. Jadi secara keseluruhannya PAS dah ada dalam tangan atleast 40% undi. Apa nak jadi dengan UMNO?

Kalau Kuli ditandingkan, boleh kah Kuli menang? Tak dinafikan Kuli nama besar diParlimen Gua Musang. Jadi kena la pakai dia. Tapi jumlah undi yang Kuli dapat dalam PRU 12 juga perlu diambil kira. Kuli kalah diDUN Galas. Let me remind you, Kuli Kalah diGalas. Dia menang ditempat-tempat lain je.

So obviously UMNO is in catch 22 situation. Nak tandingkan orang UMNO dah tentu kalah. Nak tandingkan Kuli belum tentu Kuli menang (kalau diambil kira undi DUN Galas dalam PRU 12). Kalau menang Kuli pun obviously itu kemenangan Kuli bukan kemenangan UMNO …

Isy isy pening pening UMNO.


The older the better?

>> Thursday, October 07, 2010

Last month I went for a normal medical check-up and my doctor told me that he had detected cancer cells in my blood. I was told that my cancer is at stage 3 and I can go on for another, say, about 3 months. While on the one hand, I was laughing to myself, saying this doctor is trying to play GOD, on the other hand, I begun thinking really hard as to how I am going to dispose off my properties. I rather go peacefully after settling all issues instead of turning in my grave with my siblings and family arguing and fighting over who should get what.

One week after receiving the horrifying news, I decided to call all my siblings to my house so that I could inform them the manner in which, how and where I want myself buried and who should administer my estate. Obviously, I had in mind my daughter, being my only child, to be the administrator my estate.

On the appointed date all my siblings came without fail. Some came with tears in their eyes and some showed no emotions at all. I am not the favorite younger brother to some of my elders. I don’t blame them as I always had been outspoken saying things they do not want to hear right on their faces.

As I was about to read my so called will, my neighbor, who, in the first place had no business being amongst my siblings, suggested something which really annoyed me. Who the hell is he to tell me to reconsider appointing my daughter, who is hardly 18 years in age, as my administrator. Yes, that is what he actually told me in the presence of my siblings. He suggested that my elder brother, who is now about 65 years old, be appointed my administrator although he knew very well that my siblings had earlier agreed to my suggestion that my daughter be appointed.

My daughter has no experience he said. My daughter had not gone through thick and thin with me like my brother had. My daughter does not know the meaning of hardship. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Therefore, according to this idiotic neighbor of mine, my brother should be given the role instead of my daughter.

I looked around and realized that some of my siblings were nodding in agreement. Infact a majority of my siblings were in agreement with this bastard neighbor of mine. Suddenly, I heard the words I feared most – Harris we feel that this gentlemen neighbor of your is right. Gentleman? Oh my GOD!!!

You must appreciate Harris, that while your daughter is too young to shoulder this heavy responsibility, your daughter will also not remain with your family forever. She will soon marry and will move out with her husband. All your property will then be inherited by a complete stranger. We feel that your elder brother should be appointed as administrator to ensure that all properties of you remain within instead of, one day, your properties going without. Under whatever circumstances, we will ensure that after your demise, your daughter and widow will be taken care of.

I was left with no choice but to agree with my useless neighbor and my fickle minded siblings. Sorry sweetheart, your uncles and aunties have been brainwashed to drop you and there is nothing Papa can do about it.

See how fickle man can be? See how man can have this perception that an older person is always better compared to a young one? Is there any guarantee that the suggested older person will be a better administrator? You be the judge as I will not be around to see what happens next.

Assalamualaikum …


The voice of Nurul Izzah

>> Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar today accused former prime minister and Perkasa patron Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad of perpetuating the politics of racial fear to keep the ruling Malay elite in power, which she said was detrimental to the nation’s stability and progress.

The PKR legislator also offered to debate the veteran Umno politician to disprove the claims he articulated in a blog post yesterday, in which the latter denied he was a racist.

“The ‘politics of fear’ uses Article 153 as a political instrument of deceit and despair,” the first-term MP said, referring to the Federal Constitution.

Article 153 concerns the special position of the Bumiputeras, which includes the Malay community.

Dr Mahathir appeared to play the race card for Umno yesterday by warning Malays that they risked losing power if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) came to rule.

He also implied that a Chinese or an Indian could become prime minister if PR took federal power because there was no constitutional restriction on race for the position.

The former prime minister claimed the political marginalization of the Malays had already become a reality in PR-controlled states even though those administrations were led by Malays.

The Malaysian Insider understands that Dr Mahathir has offered his expertise to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to deliver a big win for Barisan Nasional (BN) in the next general election, which could be held as early as next year.

His remarks to Umno Online yesterday suggest he will play a big role in Umno’s campaign to consolidate support among conservative Malays and win over fence-sitters uneasy with PR administrations.

Nurul Izzah observed today that Dr Mahathir appeared to be suggesting the constitution should be amended so that only Malays can hold the prime minister ship.

“The aim of this is none other to maintain political hegemony by the ruling Malay elite few who have enriched themselves through corruption, abuse of power and undermining the constitution relentlessly,” she added, slamming the octogenarian for warning yesterday.

“I find this statement as irresponsible and as a desperate attempt to destabilize the nation,” the 30-year-old said of the country’s longest-serving premier.

The eldest daughter of Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and a rising star in the PR bloc called on Malays to stand firm against the described threat to their community.

“We must fight back by emphasizing on the ‘Politics of Hope and Liberation’, which will transform the Malay mind from the false fear of losing their identity and economical development to a positive force that will create a confident and liberated community,” she urged.

Nurul Izzah claimed the Malays have been persistently “indoctrinated” to “act out a victim mentality narrative that degrades, confuses and paralyses a community to remain enslaved intellectually and emotionally first by the colonial masters and now by its new reincarnation, Umno”.

She stressed that the other partners in the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition were also guilty for not speaking up for the communities they represented.

Source: Malaysian Insider


Syawal aku dicemari lagi

>> Monday, September 13, 2010

Ramadhan telah meninggalkan kita dan kini kita berada diawal Syawal. Sempat kah kita bertemu Ramadhan ditahun akan datang. Wallahualam. Bersama-sama lah kita berdoa agar kita diketemukan dengan Ramadhan sekurang-kurangnya sekali lagi agar dapat kita bertaubat dan beribadat semoga peroleh keredaan Allah. InsyaAllah.

Bermacam ibadat dilakukan sepanjang 30 hari Ramadhan. Selain solat fardu, kita solat sunat, kita berzikir dan kita berterawikh. Rata-rata Masjid menjemput Tahfiz untuk meriahkan lagi malam-malam Ramadhan. Mata kita cengkung kerana kurang tidur dan badan kita kurus lemah akan tetapi kita gembira dan bahagia kerana berpeluang untuk beribadat dalam bulan yang penuh barakah.

Ibadat diteruskan diawal syawal. Kita solat Eid secara berjamaah. Kembalinya kita dari Masjid, kita teruskan dengan ibadat apabila kita bermaaf-maafan antara famili, sanak saudara dan jiran tetangga. Ibadat diteruskan lagi apabila kita ziarah kubur arwah-arwah yang telah meninggalkan kita. Yassin dibaca dengan khusyuk, kita bertahlil, kita berdoa dan kita sedekah fatihah. Seterusnya kita berkunjung kerumah saudara mara dan rakan-rakan. Dalam ertikata lain, ibadat bukan sahaja dalam bulan Ramadhan malahan diteruskan sehingga pagi 1 Syawal.

Namun apabila kita kembali kerumah dan pasang TV untuk berehat sebentar, kita rasa segala ibadat yang diamalkan sepanjang Ramdahan dan pagi 1 Syawal dicabul serta dicemar dengan berbagai maksiat yang dihidangkan oleh RTM dan TV 3 seolah-olah ketiga-tiga stesyen TV dikendalikan oleh mereka yang bukan Islam. Astagfirullahalaziiimm. Selama ini kita diberitahu Malaysia Negara Islam. Islam kah Malaysia?

Ibadat kita dicemari dengan sajian progam dimana artis-artis, baik lelaki atau perempuan, bergaul tanpa batas. Bersalam-salaman dan berlaga bahu antara bukan mahram. Artis wanita tergedek-gedek dengan pakaian mendedah aurat. Ini kah cara kita mengucap selamat tinggal kepada Ramadhan dan mengucap selamat datang kepada Syawal yang mulia?

Tak sedarkah kamu wahai orang distesyen siaran bahawa sajian lawak bodoh dari pelawak-pelawak kita yang terkinja-kinja tak tentu arah sebenarnya mencemarkan kesucian rohani muslimin dan muslimat yang masih dalam ibadat. Begini kah cara sebuah Negara Islam menyambut 1 Syawal?

Salah kah kalau stesyen siaran teruskan dengan progam berunsur ugama agar Muslimin dan Muslimat tidak leka? Salah kah kalau RTM dan TV 3 ikut jejak Astro Oasis untuk sementara waktu agar 1 Syawal tidak dicemari?

Kalau ada mana-mana muslimin dan muslimat yang ingin ibadat mereka dicemar, mereka bebas untuk tonton stesyen Astro dimana disajikan bermacam maksiat. Mereka bebas untuk tonton Sex In The City. Mereka bebas untuk tonton 92010 (betul ke itu?), Mereka juga boleh tonton Accidently on Purpose atau How I Met Your Mum. Mereka bebas untuk buat pilihan akan tetapi kamu, RTM sebagai stesyen TV Nasional dan kamu, TV 3, sepatutnya hormati setiap muslimin dan muslimat dipagi Syawal yang masih dalam ibadat.


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