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>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wong Ho Leng

Born on 21 December 1959 in a poor farm house in Bukit Igu, Sibu (near Sungai Bidut). He is the fifth child of 14 siblings. Both parents are 78. They are Christians. Wong Ho Leng was married in 1990 to Irene Chang. Has 5 children (4 girls and 1 boy).

1971: completed primary education at Ting Sing Primary School
1977: completed Form 5 at Tung Hua Secondary School
1978: completed Lower Form Six at Methodist Secondary School
1979: completed Year 12 at Ashfield Boys’ High School, Sydney, Australia
1980-1984: completed commerce/economic and law degrees from University of New South Wales and Sydney UniversityEmployment
1985: declined a good employment offer in Sydney, Australia, and decided to return home to serve the country
1985: partner in Siong & Wong Advocates, Sibu

Political career
1986: joined DAP as a life member on 19th April, 1986
1986: contested in Parliamentary election in Miri against Peter Chin Fah Kui
1987: contested in State election against Dr. George Chan
1988: moved back from Miri to Sibu to practice law
1995: contested against Robert Lau Hoi Chew in Parliamentary election in Sibu
1996: contested against Deputy Chief Minister Dr Wong Soon Kai and won the state seat of Bukit Assek
1999: contested against Tiong Thai King in Parliamentary election
2001: lost in the contest for Bukit Assek in the state election
2004: contested, the 2nd time, against Robert Lau Hoi Chew in Parliamentary election
2006: contested in Bukit Assek against Daniel Ngieng in state election, wresting back the seat with a thumping majority of 4751 votes
2008: Contested the 3rd time against Robert Lau

Office held:
2001 till now – Chairman of DAP Sarawak State Committee
Vice Chairman of Central Executive Committee, DAP, till 2008


Tunggu dan lihat ...

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

Tahniah YB Kamalanathan dan tahniah juga Datuk Zaid Ibrahim. Walaupun Pilihanraya Kecil Hulu Selangor telah memberi kemenangan kepada YB Kamalanathan, namun tersirat satu kemenangan dalam kekalahan Datuk Zaid.

I am not trying to console myself over the defeat suffered by Datuk Zaid. The number of votes obtained by Datuk Zaid speaks volumes. PR has not lost the support of Hulu Selangor voters. We are in fact stronger in Hulu Selangor as compared to 2008. We obtained 90 more votes from what we got in 2008.

While PR and Datuk Zaid can walk with their heads held high, Kamal has a heavy burden to shoulder until PRU 13. RM167 million worth of projects were promised by BN leaders and these promises will have to be fulfilled by Kamal. No joke for a novice politician like Kamal.

Today, Kamal must ensure that the RM3 million promised by Najib to a Chinese school is handed over to the Board. Today, Kamal must also ensure that RM49,000.00 is paid to the settlers by way of Bank Drafts. Only time will tell if these promises are fulfilled. I have my doubts and I guess you have yours too …

I fear that the Hulu Selangor victory for BN is going to be a repeat of what we saw in Ijok. Kamal, like Parthiban, will not stay long enough to see his pension. Can he, or for that matter, can BN keep all their promises in less than 2 years to ensure the voters remain with them? Again, I have my doubts and guess you have yours too. For 52 years BN has been cheating their voters and I really doubt they are going to walk their talk this time around.

I don’t blame the settlers in Sungai Buaya for having voted BN. Vote BN and you have a slim chance of getting RM49,000.00. If you don’t vote them, you get nothing. What would you have done if you were walking in their shoes? Given the circumstances, I would have voted BN. The settlers were in a catch 22 situation.

It’s okay. Let us not cry over spilled milk. Hulu Selangor voters still love us and I believe serta yakin pengundi akan swing semasa PRU 13. 2 tahun bukan satu tempuh yang lama untuk kita menunggu.


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