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>> Saturday, March 06, 2010

Interesting!!!! That is the best ungkapan untuk gambarkan keadaan politik sekarang. 2 atau 3 orang Ahli Parlimen KeADILan jumped over the other side and a big huu hah by BN. Very interestingly, at the right time, Chua Soi Lek and some of his kuncu also letak jawatan post party MCA. Sat tadi my Ahli Parlimen (Yen Yen) also resigned. Situation getting better and better. Setuju tak?

Sat tadi saya terbaca cerita about 1,400 PPP members deflected and masuk KeADILan. Just 2 days ago while watching Sudut Pandang, Setiausaha Agung KeADILan said since the Zahrain’s episode, about 50,000 people from all over the country submitted borang keahlian KeADILan.

The issue – are the dirty BN tactics backfiring? I guess so. So BN can go and pancing another 2 or 3 MP and rope them into BN. Takpe la kalau they say they want to remain as MP BEBAS, we know what that means. Perhaps with the demise of another 2 atau 3 MPs, PR akan dapat another 50 to 60,000 new members. A businessman will say … wow, good business.

Yang menghairankan saya, saya tunggu juga depan TV kalau-kalau ada story pasal 1,400 Ahli PPP, tapi takde. Cerita Chua Soi Lek and Yen Yen ada lah, tapi sat je. Tak macam masa Azan Ismail letak jawatan dalam party hari itu.

Nak tunggu surat khabar haprak besok. Ada tak dia orang heboh cerita Chua, kuncu-kuncu dia, Yen Yen dan ahli-ahli PPP macamana mereka heboh pasal Azan hari itu. Cerita stooges ini mungkin akan ada, tapi not front page la. Maybe a small write up kat mukasurat 7 atau 8.

Percaya? Percaya la ….


Zul Nordin sacked

At last Zul Nordin has been booted out of PKR. As much as we, I guess he too, was waiting for this announcement. With this latest development, Zul do not have to worry of being labeled a traitor. He can easily walk back into UMNO, where he once belong, and will always belong. He needs a platform, doesn't he? So go lick some arses. You deserve it.

While Zul may now be laughing his way into UMNO camp after having hoodwinked PKR into sacking him, members of PKR are having the last laugh. Why not? We have got someone who has no respect for party leaders out and as the Malays says - he won’t be a duri dalam daging anymore. He may now, if he so desire, shout his heart out and condemn PR leaders as much as he wants. The truth is - we don’t care.

Perhaps he should contest as an independent in the next General Elections. We will see if he has enough following to win. If I were Zul, I will stay out of politics and join ABIM, since it was he who said that his constituents come second.


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