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>> Tuesday, August 04, 2009

How would you feel if you are reminded by your host to remove your shoes before entering into his house? Isn't it a norm in Malaysia that we remove our shoes before entering someone's house?

How would you feel if you are told by your host to behave when in his house? Isn't it normal for one to behave when in someone's house? Do you need to be reminded of something natural?

Likewise, how would you feel if you are reminded that you need to work once you are in your office? Does it not follow that you are paid to work? Has it now become obvious that those employed in the Judicial Department are paid monthly wages for not working?

You may ask, why all these questions all of a sudden? Actually, these questions are not all of a sudden. For the past year or so I have been asking myself - is there a real necessity to remind all those who enter the Court premises that they are there to work?

For those who frequent the Courts will know what I am talking about. Large banners hang at the entrance of all Court premises with the word "buat kerja" (do work). These banners glare at the employees each morning as they enter the main gates, even before they can punch their cards.

Employees? Why am I limiting myself to employees? What about the Magistrate's, Sessions Judges and High Court Judges. They too use the same entrance and therefore, they too are reminded each time they pass by.

I am not sure if the same banners are displayed at the entrance of Putra Jaya. I did not realise the last time I went there. However, if the banners are there, then the warnings are also meant for the Court of Appeal Judges and the Judges of the Federal Court.

Is this an indication that all those who work in the court premises are not performing? Your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, buat kerja !!!!!!!


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