Sex video and bastards on the run

>> Thursday, April 14, 2011

Earlier today, the police confirmed that their investigations in establishing the identity of the actor in the sex video is complete. Kudos to the police for doing a superb job. Superb, because you managed to waste millions in ringgit and perhaps, millions in man hours investigation some shit.

I bet my last penny or in the Malaysian context, my last sen, that by tomorrow, as the Sarawakians get ready go the ballots screaming, Ubah, the police will announce the identity of the actor. He is no other that Anwar … Just another coincidence? Beats me …

To me the whole episode is a big load of bullshit. In the first place, the police has no jurisdiction to even look into the case, let alone investigate the same. Why do I say that?

Let me put the whole drama in clear and easy to understand language, lest there be people who claim that they don’t understand the issues in hand. When I say the people, I mean the UMNO people.

After Dato T (Trio) handed over the CD and the watch to the police, the police went all out to establish the authenticity of the CD. Who in the first place challenged the authenticity of the CD? All Anwar said was – I am not the actor. He never at any one stage said that the CD is tailored or doctored. Why then was it necessary to investigate that issue? I wonder how much of my tax money was wasted on that …

After establishing that the CD was genuine, the police proceeded to investigate the identity of the actor and now claim that the identity has been established. Why was that necessary? Are the police trying to suggest or hoodwink Malaysians into believing that having established the identity of the actor, he will be charged in court?

Let me ask one simple question? Under what law can the police charge the actor now that they have established his identity? Don’t the police know that consensual sex between two adults has never been, and is until today, not a crime under the Penal Code?

Fine, they say that the woman was a prostitute. So what? While soliciting is an offence in Malaysia, prostitution has never been. Have anybody viewed the CD? I bet no money changed hands between the male actor and the prostitute. So what is the issue?

Having said that, I wonder why the police took the liberty to spend our money to investigate non existing offences and why till today no action has been taken against the trio, who clearly have run foul of the law?

My answer to the first question – they managed to show to the Malaysians, or shall I say, reinforced the notion that they are actually UMNO’s bastards, especially the IGP. While they sit and investigate non existing offences they close their eyes when top BN leaders go around bribing and threatening voters.

My answer to the second question – Nazri, the de facto law Minister, says that the trio did not commit any offence when they screened the CD to reporters. He realized, he boo booed, and immediately took a different stand. This time, he said that the trio are protected under the Witness Protection Act … ooopppsssss he boo booed again. I now begin to wonder if Nazri actually has a law degree. Assuming he has one, where did he get it from? Is he another Dr Fadzli?

Now I invite you to put two and two together. Yes, its four … You cannot go wrong … Sarawak oh Sarawak


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